PK3 Consulting wasn't formed in a vacuum. Our forged approach comes from work-a-day experiences, just like you. Peter is available for speaking on various topics. His approach is less lecture and more facilitating a discussion. Whether a business, nonprofit/social service organization or faith-based community, Peter would love to engage your team by facilitating a workshop. Topics can include:

  • Developing Character Over Charisma - Maintaining Personal Integrity in Leadership.

  • Adopting Healthy Habits for Delegating.

  • Developing a Personal Vision and Mission - Keeping You on Track!

  • Self Care and the Art of Being Human

  • Developing ACEs awareness (Adverse Childhood Experiences) among social service providers, teachers, and youth workers.

  • Stress Management and burnout.

  • Volunteers: developing and keeping great staff and volunteers!


More than consulting...Coaching

PK3 Consulting, on the indivual level, provides coaching...for life! our one-on-one, nonformulaic approach is custom tailored to you and where you want to go. We're very familiar with working with businesses, nonprofits and faith-based organizations. If you're a leader and want to be coached, please contact us. We'd love to walk with you.


In addition to these topics, we can also provide support in:

  • Developing organizational Vision, Mission, Values and Purpose.

  • Assisting in acquiring and implementing great delegation practices.

  • Developing a rubric for measuring success, particular to your organization.

  • Goal setting and paths to achieving them.