ACE and Stress Mitigation Workshops

Why do we do what we do? This question has fueled most of my life’s endeavors. Understand others and myself more fully, in order to enjoy life and work more, has been a foundational part of my research, exploration and learning. It’s an underlying theme in everything. But instead of taking decades in discover, I’m learned there are keys to accelerating our self-awareness!

Hardwired in all of us! All of us are born with particular wiring energizing our motivations. Some are more nurturing, other’s more analytical while many are highly driven to achieve and still others extremely team-focused. If we don’t understand our base motivations, we can get frustrated with ourselves and especially others. This is where SDI - The Strengths Deployment Inventory - comes into play!

When wiring is short-circuited! Yes, we’re wired in a certain way, but for many life can is topsy-turvy. If this unpredictability is habitual and toxic in our developmental years, our wiring can get disrupted; we won’t live optimally affecting our social interactions, emotional, spiritual, and physical health! This is the world of ACEs, Adverse Childhood Experiences.

PK3 Consulting understands both worlds. Our workshops were formed work-a-day experiences, not just theory. Our workshops and lectures are far less lecture and far more interactive discussions! Whether a business, nonprofit/social service organization or faith-based community, Peter would love to engage your team by facilitating a workshop. We can customize topics to your needs.

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We've developed two workshops emphasizing childhood trauma so educators, social workers, and youth workers can become trauma informed and equipped.

ACEs 1 is a comprehensive, introductory, and interactive workshop. The ACEs discovery, their impact on people psychologically and physiologically and the stress response are all covered with intentional times for peer-to-peer collaboration. 3-hours

ACEs 1 Brief - This is a 1-hour seminar/lecture covering the basics of ACEs, helping participants gain a foundational understanding of how ACEs impacts health, learning and behavior.

ACEs 2 is geared toward helping practitioners honing and expanding their skills in working with students with mid to high ACE scores. Sharing techniques and approaches as well as developing new ones are facilitated in ACEs 2. This is designed to be a 2-hour, interactive and discovery-rich workshop, but can be sized to meet your staff needs and timeframe.

The workshops can be customized for your organization and staff. Years of working with trauma-impacted students and now First Responders, has given us a passion to help you more effectively engage and care for others.

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In addition to these topics, we also provide support in:

  • Transformational and Servant Leadership

  • Leadership development

  • Organizational Vision, Mission, Values & Purpose.

  • Recruiting and Equipping with volunteers.

  • Team Strengthening.

  • Goal setting and the path to achieving them.