John DOnne

No man is an island entire of itself...

It all started when…

I've had a very varied life path. I started out as a marine science major, then graduated from communications at the University of Miami. I honed in on photography and became a photojournalist. After several years I started my own freelance photography business (you can see my work on my photography site). My work as a journalist, approaching photography sociologically and not just artistically, fostered an interest in helping people holistically. Receiving my Masters in Theology from seminary, I became a Pastor and worked with students and families for over twenty years. In my desire to engage my community, I became a Fire and Police Chaplain and started taking courses in Critical Incident Stress and assisting people in crisis. Now, after all this experience and training, I'm turning my focus on helping leaders and teams. I still have a passion for working with students and those working with students. It’s an honor to come along side others helping them succeed! After all, Success Is Intentional!

I'm particularly interested in how our upbringing - both the nature and nurture - impact our adult relationships. Becoming certified through Strength Deployment Inventory, I see huge connections between the utilization of interpersonal skills and coping mechanisms we acquired growing up - or lack-thereof - and how we handle conflict as adults. It's not pop-psychology, it's life, it's how we're wired and how we're taught along the way.

As part of my ongoing searching to better help my community, I took a personal interest in learning about Adverse Childhood Experiences. It helped me unlock the door in working with students who’ve been impacted by ACEs.

I live in Easton, Pennsylvania and have been married to, Kristine Keady, for twentysix years.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others.