Twenty Years of personal, hands-on experience with students and adults working with students!


Success is Intentional!

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Decades of experience, proven tools, knowledgable application, personal attentiveness.

Why do we do what we do? This question has fueled just about all of my life’s endeavors. Now, after decades of exploring, researching, teaching, and learning, I’m assisting people in understanding themselves and others better, for a more fulfilling life!

Yes, we've read lots of books. However, nothing compares with evaluated, in-the-trenches, life experience. Drawing from deep wells of learning - from failures and successes - while utilizing effective and proven tools, PK3 Consulting helps you avoid common, intra and interpersonal land mines. Hitting these booby traps time and time again saps resources, morale and vision. Isn't it time to learn a better, healthier way?


Because conflict has a price tag!


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also Available for talks on Critical Incident Stress, Stress Management, and various leadership topics.

We have two workshops focusing on helping providers better engage those impacted by ACEs.  Visit our ACE/Stress Workshops page  or  contact us for more information.

We have two workshops focusing on helping providers better engage those impacted by ACEs. Visit our ACE/Stress Workshops page or contact us for more information.

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We cannot achieve our goals without being intentional.

Success is Intentional!

~ Peter Keady



SDI is about creating a sense of hyper-awareness; how we can improve relationships and navigate conflict effectively every day.
— Melissa Daimler, Organizational Effectiveness & Learning, Twitter
SDI was the missing piece in my search to best understand the role I play on a team and how to better understand and relate others. It explained so much of what had frustrated me for years.
— Roland E., Participant
Peter Keady’s SDI training at my school was well worth the investment of time and money. The material was very practical and helpful, and Peter’s engaging style and care for the participants made it a special time for the school staff and me. Peter’s humility and openness were refreshing and made everyone feel valued and safe to share their thoughts and feelings.
— Dave Homa, Principal, Crossroads Christian Academy
The SDI workshop was the most practical training we’ve had at our school.
— Tricia D., Participant
I found the SDI workshop to be a valuable tool in understanding why people do what they do and how to resolve conflict. Pete’s interactive approach gives the participant a chance to discuss how to handle situations in order to feel comfortable in using what’s been learned. I would 100% recommend this team building experience.
— Cindy L., Participant




We'll listen first! How many times have you sought help only to receive a lecture? That's not our approach at all! Sure, we have things to say, and there's a time a place, but we will first and foremost listen. It's a skill greatly lacking in our culture today, but is absolutely essential. 

About PK3

PK3 Consulting is born from two decades of leadership and communication experience, team building and navigating conflict. Many years ago I personally hit a wall in my professional growth. I sought mentors and coaches helping to some degree, but never hitting the nail on the head. I continued facing  professional walls, limiting my growth and effectiveness. I came upon the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) and decided to give it a shot. Having gone through other assessments, I didn't have high expectations. However, after just the first session I came to realize things no other assessment had ever surfaced. I began to improve, grow and succeed in ways I hadn't before.

My consulting is an extension of personal struggle and eventual success. SDI doesn't box a person in an inescapable category or "type", rather, it reveals heart motivations and personal wiring unique to individuals. It's been one of the most significant learning processes I've experienced. So, I became an facilitator!

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